Dining with Friends 2016 FAQs

What is Dining with Friends?

Dining with Friends is a signature community fundraising event and a way for supporters to make a difference for those living with HIV/AIDS.


What’s the process?  How does it work?

It’s incredibly easy. From mid-February through April 30th individuals throughout the community will host parties and gatherings for friends and colleagues and ask their guests to make a financial contribution to ACS. All guests and hosts are then invited to attend, free of charge, the community-wide Dewey’s Dessert Finale that concludes Dining with Friends. The Dewey’s Dessert Finale will be held on April 30, 2016 at 8:00 pm at the the Speakeasy at the Millenium Center at 101 W. Fifth St., Winston-Salem.


Who can host a Dining with Friends party?

 Anyone who would like to support AIDS Care Service’s mission to serve and assist those living with HIV/AIDS. Some people choose to co-host with one or more people if they have friends with larger space, etc.


Does it have to be a dinner party?

 No. It can be as elegant as a five-course sit-down dinner served on fine china, or as laid back as a Saturday afternoon get-together with burgers and hot dogs on the grill.  Some hosts have opted for appetizers and cocktails instead of a meal.  The host is free to decide on the format.


Does it have to be a big party?

 There are no minimum or maximum requirements. Some people prefer a small, intimate gathering with just a few close friends while others use Dining with Friends as an excuse for a huge blow-out.


How much does each guest have to contribute?

This is completely up to each supporter. Gifts at all levels make a difference.


Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes, individual contributions are tax deductible, as are the expenses incurred by party hosts.  Guests and hosts who make a donation will automatically receive an acknowledgement for tax purposes. Hosts wishing to receive an acknowledgement for party expenses should send or bring their party receipts to ACS. Our address is PO BOX 21373, Winston-Salem, NC, 27120.


Does ACS provide party invitations?

Yes, we have designed a customizable invitation in print format that is suitable for any type of party. You just provide the postage! These invitations will be available as part of the host packets to be distributed at our kick-off party or at our offices after February 11th.


Is there any other paperwork involved?

We keep the process as simple as possible. ACS provides empty donation envelopes that you may distribute to your guests. All you need to do at the end of the party is place the envelopes in the large envelope your host packet came in and bring it to the Dewey’s Dessert Finale. Please call our offices at 336-777-1376 to arrange pick-up if you are unable to deliver.


What are the next steps if I’d like to host a party?

Come to our kick-off party at Carolina’s Vineyards & Hops on February 11th between 5 and 7 pm (we’ll offer munchies, but they’ve generously offered to donate 10% of the proceeds if you’d like to stay for a drink or enjoy your dinner there!). If you are unable to attend, contact us at support@aidscareservice.org or (336) 777-1376.