ACS is a visible presence in our community. We turn up at parades, festivals, university classrooms, and church fundraisers. In addition, fundraisers, both large and small, are crucial to our ability to provide services to our clients. Each year Dining with Friends draws hundreds of supporters for a gala evening of food, fun, and fellowship. But our smaller events, like Toast the Turkey, our annual bowling fundraiser, and our World AIDS Day Gospel Service, go a long way as well.

Our clients volunteers help us make our events successful. Angela, 55, believes that these events allow many to be involved and see what ACS and the HIV community can do. She says it makes her feel good to see the number of people who show up—she sees that they care about the HIV/AIDS community. She says, “Every time I get to volunteer, it makes me feel like I’m giving back. Everything I am I owe to ACS. They literally saved my life. If they can use me, I’m there.”