ACS Programs


Just as the disease has changed over the years, ACS has been proactive in developing programs to address HIV/AIDS as a serious health disparity affecting those living in poverty in this region. One of our signature programs, Holly Haven Family Care Home, is an adult care facility providing round-the-clock residential services for persons suffering from advanced HIV disease with the goal of restoring residents to healthy, independent living.The ACS housing program provides temporary/transitional shelter in our special units while assisting with finding affordable permanent housing. Through the provision of housing choice vouchers and emergency funding for rent and utilities, clients are encouraged to maintain housing. Finally, funds from a MAC AIDS Fund grant help to pay deposits and first month’s rent, which may hinder clients in obtaining more affordable housing.

Medical Case Management works to help clients gain access to primary healthcare, links them to a broad range of health and social services, and educates and empowers clients to take an active role in maintaining their health. The Positive Action Club peer groups are safe and confidential meetings led by professional facilitators sharing information, experience, and knowledge, while helping clients build mutually supportive emotional and social networks.

Our most widely used program is the ACS Choice Food Pantry, which empowers our low-income HIV+ households by allowing them to choose food and hygiene products monthly that will fit their diet and needs, as well as those of their families.