AIDs - Top Questions

What treatment is given to HIV-infected people?

The continuous intake of modern antiviral drugs (antiretroviral therapy) allows you to indefinitely delay the development of AIDS and even cure AIDS symptoms, if they have already developed. But it has not yet been possible to completely destroy HIV.

How are AIDS patients treated?

AIDS patients are treated not only with antiviral drugs, but also prescribed treatment for the disease that has developed due to a decrease in immunity. If it is tuberculosis, anti-tuberculosis drugs are prescribed, if candidiasis caused by a yeast-like fungus, antifungal agents, etc. As a rule, now it is possible to cure most of the manifestations of AIDS, but since HIV does not disappear from the body, there is always a threat of their recurrence.

Which doctors should I go to about drugs and HIV / AIDS?

Drug addiction is treated in narcological dispensaries and hospitals. For HIV infection, it is best to contact the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS. In healthcare institutions, infectious disease doctors deal with HIV / AIDS. Some doctors prescribe expensive medications that should be taken for a long period. People spend much money buying expensive original medicines. Some of them cover these expenses with payday loans west palm beach as it is very convenient way to borrow funds online. It takes several minutes to get the decision and up to 24 business hours to get deposited.

If a person is sick with AIDS, are doctors trying to treat him somehow or not?

AIDS is not only cured, but also treated successfully. On TV very often shows performances of a famous pop artist who sings and dances beautifully, and, meanwhile, he was diagnosed with AIDS 15 ago. The treatment he received allowed him to recover from AIDS and now allows him to successfully continue his performances.

Does the cure or suspension of the disease depend on the willpower of the person? Is it possible to stop the disease with internal energy?

If you only “concentrate your internal energy,” it will hardly help. But in order to fight the disease, you really need willpower. Some weak-willed people, upon learning that they are infected, quit their business, start drinking, using drugs, go down and, of course, quickly die. And those who concentrate on what is useful, strictly follow the prescriptions of doctors, regularly take medications (although they taste disgusting), they live longer.

Are there similarities between cancer and AIDS?

The only common thing is that the development of both AIDS and cancer is associated with a malfunction in the human immune system and that some types of malignant tumors, like AIDS, are caused by viruses.

Are HIV-infected people more likely today to overcome the disease?

Every year, more and more HIV suppressive drugs are released. Therefore, now those infected with HIV have a real chance, if not to recover from HIV infection, then at least not to get AIDS and live to old age.

Will doctors ever cope with this disease, such as the plague?

The plague has not yet been completely dealt with, but scientists drove it to remote desert places, where it is still found in rodents. So far, only smallpox has been completely eradicated. But HIV infection is “more cunning” than plague and smallpox, the appearance of which is immediately detected by the patients who appear. And HIV is spreading covertly, exploiting the weaknesses of the human race. Therefore, at least another decade will pass before the decisive victory over HIV infection happen.

Where can an HIV-infected person get advice and treatment?

HIV-infected people are assisted in the regional and city AIDS Prevention and Control Centers and by infectious disease doctors in the healthcare institutions.

What role do nutrition and exercise play?

A person infected with HIV should have a good and nutritious diet, getting enough protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins. There is no special diet. Fasting, monotonous diet are contraindicated.

Exercise is beneficial for HIV-infected, however, sports overload depletes the immune system and it is better not to engage in “big” sports for HIV-infected people. However, it is known that the American basketball player Magic Johnson played for a long time in a professional team, being infected with HIV.

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