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With the debut of our new logo in December 2013, we bade farewell to the iconic flame logo that for almost 10 years symbolized and honored those lives struggling and lost to AIDS. In the 20 years of providing services, we have seen the candle of many burned out long before their time. The advancement of medications in those two decades gave a false appearance that the AIDS crisis was controlled and over. As we adapted our services to the longer lifespan of our clients, we pondered our continued importance to the community.

After all, imagine finding out you have HIV today, would you still feel as ashamed? Imagine finding out you have AIDS, would you still lose hope? The fact remains, HIV and the deaths from AIDS are still hidden in our community and many still face the threat of rejection from family and friends, ridicule from neighbors and faith communities, fear in employment and even ignorance in healthcare facilities.

We realize our purpose today is even more important. Our success is in restoring lives. By helping people gain control over their health, we encourage them to see their value and opportunities once again. Through the next decade, we march to our new mantra “Restoring Life for Opportunity”. We believe one day the death and devastation of AIDS will fade away and we have faith our community will recognize that people with HIV can live healthy, productive, loving, and fearless lives of opportunity.

Our former Executive Director, Larry Roth, summed it up best “instead of helping people die with dignity as before, they are now helping them live with purpose”.

You can help us restore lives by making a tax deductible donation today.

With much gratitude,
Jesse Duncan
Executive Director

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