Southern REACH Grant: ACS is one of the recipients of the 2008-2009 Southern REACH grant funded by the National AIDS Fund in collaboration with the Ford Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The purpose of the grant is to support and increase our capacity to respond to the the needs of those individuals, families, and communities infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the Southern U.S. The grant is funding our new Program Services Evaluator position.

ConnectHIV Grant: This initiative funded by the Pfizer Foundation seeks to complement existing HIV prevention efforts and is designed to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by supporting integrated approaches that bring together prevention, and access to care as well as treatment. ConnectHIV helps ACS provide Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services to HIV+ clients already enrolled in care programs. The effort includes screenings for co-factors, multiple counseling sessions on HIV risk/behavior change, referrals, and ongoing monitoring/reassessment of individualized prevention plans.

Other Partners

National Minority Health Council

Winston-Salem Foundation 

AIDS Memorial Garden at Tanglewood