ACS Food Pantry
Program Information

The following outlines the ACS Food Pantry Program guidelines.

  • Under federal law, ACS staff members are not allowed to discuss your medical status with any persons without your written permission.
  • All clients are responsible for making arrangements for transportation to and from the pantry.  If you are not able to come to the pantry, someone may pick-up your food.  They must bring a note giving your permission and have your name and birth date.  If you do not come to the pantry at least once every 3 months, you will be removed from the client list.
  • The food given to clients in this program comes from the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Both Second Harvest and pantry staff do our best to make sure that all food is acceptable and safe.  However, we can not guarantee 100% that some food may be given that is out-of-date.  Each client must use their best judgment when deciding if something is bad.  If so, throw it out and call the pantry coordinator so that we can investigate the issue.  Each client is responsible for following proper food safety guidelines to insure that the food remains safe to eat.  If you have questions regarding proper handling and/or cooking of food please contact the Food Pantry coordinator.
  • Under no circumstances will clients be allowed on the premises under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Under no circumstances may clients take food without permission.  If a client takes food without permission, he/she will receive a written warning.  If a client takes food without permission for a second time, he/she will be permanently dismissed from the pantry program.
  • Food given in this program is not to be sold.  Any client selling food given to them from this program will be permanently dismissed.
  • Communicating treats or violent behavior will not be tolerated.  If a client threatens another client, volunteer, or ACS staff member, he/she will be asked to leave. If he/she refuses to leave the police will be called.   Such acts will result in the discontinuation of services.
  • Clients are encouraged to return any food that they do not want.
  • Due to changes in inventory, each food package may vary.  Please notify the pantry coordinator if there are any changes in your contact information or medical status that may change your dietary needs.

2008 Schedule
Thursdays 1:30 to 4:00

For individuals with last names beginning with:

A – D
E – I J – N O – Z
1st Thursday 2nd Thursday

3rd Thursday

4th Thursday
January 4
February 7
March 6
April 3
May 1
June 5
July 3
August 7
September 4
October 2
November 6
December 4
January 10
February 14
March 13
April 10
May 8
June 12
July 10
August 14
September 11
October 9
November 13
December 11
January 17
February 21
March 20
April 17
May 15
June 19
July 17
August 21
September 18
October 16
November 20
December 18 
January 24
February 28
March 27
April 24
May 2
June 26
July 24
August 28
September 25
October 23November 27

December 25

When there is a 5th Thursday in a month, the pantry will be closed. 

The pantry will be closed on:

  • January 31st
  • May 29th
  • July 31st
  • October 30th
  • November 27th
  • December 27th. 

You will be informed of any changes to the Pantry schedule.

  • Watch WXII to see if the pantry will be closed due to bad weather.  If WSFC Schools are closed the pantry will be closed. Please come in on the next Thursday to pick up your food.

Call James at 777-0425 ex 102 if you have questions.

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