How YOU Can Take Action


P.O.S.S.E. A prevention- focused community collaborative comprised of social service providers; the Forsyth County Public Health Department; local universities; to help eliminate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases through education and testing. This group meets on the last Tuesday of the month at the Forsyth County Health Department. Call  (336) 703-5297.


AMiGOS The main objective of AMiGOS is to recruit and to coordinate the training of volunteers to educate the Spanish-speaking community about AIDS prevention, testing and care. It also mobilizes Spanish-speaking volunteers to provide support and services for HIV affected people and families. Please contact Pedro Castillo at (336) 725-5498 for more information.


AIDS Care Service – Of the nine different programs offered by AIDS Care Service, our Food Pantry and Holly Haven Family Care Home are the most direct paths for volunteers to make a difference. We can also use help in generating public awareness and raising funds through our administrative offices. Please contact Amy Lindsey, Community Relations Director at (336) 777-1376 for more information about volunteering, and/or click on the volunteer link to learn more.


Write your congressman, representative, or local official. Part of the fight is to bring officials up to speed in issues that are impacting your community here in Winston Salem not only in Africa.

You can take action by sharing your voice about important policy issues that impact those living with HIV and AIDS, such as the Ryan White Care Act Reauthorization. Get connected through the National Minority AIDS Council’s (NMAC) Public Policy Website at