The ACS family of volunteers is diverse, dedicated, and determined! We are thankful for the loyal volunteers who have joined us, and joyful when someone new walks through our door to help. Our volunteers enjoy responsibilities that are as wide-ranging as their strengths and personalities. Opportunities include:

  • Socializing with program participants.
  • Going on group outings.
  • Providing transportation or running errands.
  • Helping with activities and sharing special skills.
  • Listening.
  • Offering support to clients and families.
  • Cooking, housekeeping, and painting.
  • Gardening, landscaping, and outdoor work.
  • Clerical support.
  • Fundraising.

We invite you to volunteer your time, talents, and skills by helping us provide essential services to individuals with HIV and AIDS. The rewards are great! For more information on how you can help, call Volunteer Coordinator James Williamson at 336-777-0348. Or you can email her.